The AoB Board Game Wishlist

Anytime the holiday season or a birthday approaches or… let’s be honest here, all the time, I like to keep my board game wishlist handy.

I love how Joe keeps the Art of Boardgaming Board Game Wishlist up to date with what he currently wants. Definitely some games on here that I want to get my hands on as well!

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This wish-list has taken on many forms, from a piece of paper, an Amazon wishlist, and even a Pinterest Board. But I just realized… I have a website now, so why not keep my wishlist up to date on there! That way, we can compare lists and see what games we share a common excitement about. I say compare, because I want you to feel message me your wishlist via twitter or email!

So let’s get to the list, shall we?

(LAST UPDATED: December 26th 2017)

1. Charterstone

UPDATE: Early Christmas present was an Amazon Gift card. On the same day I saw Charterstone for sale for $43 on Amazon! Coincidence? I think not. Long story short – Charterstone is now in my game closet. 

Here’s a winning equation: First, Stonemaier Games who is known for (among other things) my favorite game of all time, Scythe. Now add to that the amazing experience I’ve had with my first legacy game experience with Pandemic Legacy, Season 1. Mix those up in a nice little bowl and we have the release of Stonemaier’s first competitive legacy game, Charterstone.

It releases in December of 2017, and while I haven’t pre-ordered it, if it’s not under a Christmas tree, or wrapped in the Sunday comic section for my birthday in early January, you can bet I’ll be putting any game budget saving toward a copy of this Jamey Stegmaier creation.

2. Scythe: The Wind Gambit

I bet you fell over in surprise with this one. “Oh wow… Joseph wants an expansion to Scythe… didn’t see that one coming.” 🙂

In all seriousness though, The Wind Gambit expansion looks like it takes a game with incredible replay value, and adds a bunch more replay value. It adds airships… and if that’s not enough let me just briefly mention the expansion module that is going to change how each game of Scythe ends. Simply…awesome.

3. A Handful of Stars

Board Game Wishlist number 3 - A Handful of Stars

This title was actually listed in my Top 10 Games of All Time post because I think it’s THAT good. I really want to add A Handful of Stars to my collection in 2018!

If I’m looking for a “Deck builder” game that includes a board, I would choose A Handful of Stars over Clank at least 8 out of 10 times.

4. Terraforming Mars

UPDATE: I just opened an early Christmas present from my in-laws and what to my wondering eyes should appear – but TERRAFORMING MARS and a few dozen….packing peanuts! 

Terraforming Mars is the FOMO title on the wishlist. I can honestly say that if this game didn’t have the hype I probably wouldn’t be all that interested.

While the hype train can be wrong…I believe that it’s rarely wrong if the excitement lasts as long as it has for Terraforming Mars. That coupled with some rave reviews coming from some people who seem to have similar gaming tastes to me means Terraforming Mars is a game I’m very willing to add to my collection before I even get a chance to play it.

5. Tickerion

Board Game Wishlist number 5 - Trickerion

Speaking of games that I haven’t gotten the chance to play, lets talk about Trickerion. This game has been on my wishlist FOR-EV-ER.

So why isn’t it my collection you ask?

Here’s the problem. Like many (and maybe even you) I only get a few new games per year, and some new titles keep beating this one to my purchasing punch.

But, I also think that it speaks volumes for the draw this game has on me that it’s even still on the list. The past is littered with the corpses of games that I thought I would get because they were on my wishlist, but instead of hanging around, they fell completely off my radar as new games were introduced. Trickerion has stood the test of wishlist time. 🙂

6. Pandemic Legacy: Season 2

Board Game Wishlist number 6 - Pandemic Legacy: Season 2

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 is this far down the list for one reason only… I have decided to only be involved in one Legacy Game at a time.

My group will be wrapping up our adventure with season one shortly, and then I’ll be convening a new group to tackle Charterstone (see number 1). Since it will take us a while to get through that one, I don’t see the need to buy this one right away only to let it sit and gather dust on my shelf.

However, unlike some games which the longer they stay on my list they risk falling further and further down, Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 will only move over time as our group comes closer and closer to completing Charterstone. You can take that statement to the bank.

7. The Lost Expedition

Board Game Wishlist number 7 - The Lost Expedition

One thing that is REALLY lacking in my collection is a cadre of great 2 player games. I have a 3 or 4, but none of them scratch the itch of being uber challenging and super quick to set up. The Lost Expedition is both of those!

Spencer and Lara Williams introduced me to The Lost Expedition last July. It’s now December, and I still occasionally have this game flitting through my brain as a game I want another crack at.

8. Viticulture: Essentials Edition

This is a game that I have gotten many opportunities to play on Tabletopia…but not yet in person with a physical board on the table, and that is really just a shame.

Viticulture is a great worker placement/engine building game that actually feels like it should only have 1 path to victory…but in reality has many. Along with cool artwork and awesome bits, I really want to be able to pull a physical copy of this game out of my closet and put it on the table.

9. Burgle Bros

Board Game Wishlist number 9 - Burgle Bros

Tabletopia for the win…again.

It’s true. Burgle Bros would not be on my list if it wasn’t for Tabletopia. I got addicted to it pretty quickly after Spencer taught it to me. I even spread the addiction to 3 or 4 others over the course of the next week. Whenever I get sick of saving the world with Pandemic, I may want to band together a group of thieves and enjoy this bank robbing co-op.

10. Brass: Lankashire

Board Game Wishlist number 10 - Brass Lankenshire

Much like my Top 10 Games of all time post, there are many games that could go in this spot. Choosing the last game in this list was quite difficult and I can see it changing often. But for now, it’s Brass Lankashire.

I can’t tell you exactly what it is that is drawing me to this game. I’ve watched some promo videos for it, I’ve seen some reviews, but I think what gets me every time is that the board and bits just look awesome. I’ll be doing some more research before I decide whether or not to purchase this one, but it’s got my eye.

That’s It!

Of course all these choices are completely subjective and may or may not line up in anyway to what your wishlist is. I hope you enjoyed the list and please, by all means, hit me up on Twitter: @AoBoardgaming and let me know what’s on YOUR board game wishlist!

Note: I will continue to mark any received through the end of the year and the first couple of weeks in January (My birthday happens a couple weeks after Christmas). Then in February I will remove the “received” games and update the list!

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