2018 Board Game Bucket List… & More!

Back by popular demand – it’s the 2018 Board Game Bucket List! …AND MORE! This year, I’ve upped the ante and included a total of 4 board game challenges to make this years board gaming experience…EPIC!

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Fair warning – I’m going to do a little bit of a year in review right here. If you just came for the 2018 Board Game Bucket List, or the printable 5×5, 10×10, or Play Through Your Collection challenge – Just throw your email address in the box below and I’ll send them right over!


Curious as to what the new challenges are? Enjoy a leisurely read:

Wowza. 2017…. What. A. Year. #amiright?

Lots of stuff happened.

And we’ll stop right there with that conversation and move right along…

You know what else?

Lots of board games got played! In fact… I had my handy dandy 2017 Board Game Bucket List to keep me on track to make sure I played allll the games. And well… things were flowing along quite swimmingly for the first 6-8 months of the year.

Then I got a little sidetracked.

Here’s the thing, when I set my bucket list up I did something that wasn’t all that smart: of the 34 games on my list…there were 9 that I didn’t even own.

Doesn’t seem all that crazy until you realize that:

  • I don’t go to an awful lot of game nights where I’m not the primary “Game Guy”
  • I only purchase 2-4 games PER YEAR. (Not including games I may receive for things like my birthday or Christmas )

Yeah. Brilliant move, Sherlock. (Speaking of which… I DID play that game… but it wasn’t on my bucket list.)

So here I sit…with 10 days left in 2017, and 44% of my list incomplete. And it’s not quick games like Carcassonne or Bohnanza left… it’s games like Railways of the World, Terraforming Mars, and AgricolaI’m quickly running out of hours in 2017!


But ya know what. Much like losing a game, I learned some things along the way. And now I’m ready to make my 2018 Board Game Bucket List awesome.


This year I’m including 4 different challenges for you to pick from! You can do one of them, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can tackle more. I’d like to say there’s bonus points if you complete all four…but really, there’s not. Sorry.
Why am I offering 4 different challenges this year? It’s simple:

There is no one size fits all challenge.

Having the Bucket Challenge last year was really cool, but this year I wanted to offer you, the awesome reader, more. So I quadrupled the amount of challenges available for you to grab from Art of Boardgaming for 2018!

1. The “Play Through Your Collection” Challenge

Here’s the deal, you’ll notice that this challenge doesn’t have “2018” emblazoned all over it. Sure, a year can make sense. After all, many of us make those exciting New Years Resolutions and whatnot, and you could totally do that with this list. Or, you could decide that you’re not going to buy a new game until you’ve played all the games on your shelf.

(Note: If that last idea scares you a little, you have my complete permission to “reward” levels that trigger after you’ve hit each 5 or 10. Hit those marks and then allow yourself to add a new game to your collection. 😉

2. The 10×10 Challenge

It’s a pretty simple concept that’s been out there for a while and I really don’t know who first came up with it or I would totally give them credit!

UPDATE: I now know who created this challenge!! The incomparable Sarah Reed created this challenge back in 2014! If you’d like to participate in her annual challenge on Board Game Geek just GO HERE.

Here’s how it works: Play 10 games, 10 times, in a year. Or…not a year. Again, you’ll notice this one doesn’t have “2018” scrawled across it either. The time frame is really up to you. Let me make a huge suggestion though, put a good mix of styles games on this list – and especially make sure they are ones that you – or your friends – will not get easily bored with.

3. The 5×5 Challenge

Does that 10×10 feel a little overwhelming? Maybe you have one game night a month, or even less? 5 games, 5 times is totally doable! You could even get creative and color code the hexes – green for wins, red for losses for example.

4. The 2018 Board Game Bucket List

Yep – The challenge that started it all and, yes, is the one I will personally be doing again this year! I’m excited.

Due to all the crazyness of the holiday season, I’m going to wait until the week between Christmas and new years to fill it out, and then possibly add a game or two after my Birthday in January.

I promise you this… I’m expecting to do MUCH better than 55% in 2018!

So here’s how you get them. It’s real simple – Toss your email address in the box below, and I’ll send you an email containing not one, but all 4 PDF files. Just download the one you want, print it, and…



Huge bonus points if you take a picture of your challenge and tag me on Twitter (@AoBoardgaming) or Instagram (@ArtOfBoardgaming). I’d LOVE to see what you’ve got on YOUR lists! I’ll be sure to come back here and post my list once I get it all figured out!

FYI: You’ll notice on the bottom right of the 2018 Bucket List that there are 8 blanks for Achievements. These are for you to be creative! BUT – I’ve got 40+ options for you to choose from, or to inspire your imagination to create your own! Click Here to see the achievement ideas!

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