Achievement Unlocked: How to Take Your Board Game Bucket List to the Next Level

Taking a digital concept…and turning it analog! It’s all about adding “Board Game Achievements” to your board game bucket list!

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Last week I unveiled the 2018 Board Game Bucket List. It’s my favorite board game challenge, not just because I created it, but because I feel like it strikes a good balance between controlling which games you chose to play (like the 10×10 challenge) and getting some games on the list that may not have gotten played in a while (like the play through your collection challenge).

Psst… don’t have your Bucket List yet? You can download it here:


But one of my favorite parts of the bucket list is the portion at the bottom right.

The Board Game Achievements

When I first came up with the Bucket List, back at the end of 2016, I wanted to add a little something extra. A bonus challenge that added a touch more adventure to the fun. So I took a cue from video games and added spaces for 9 optional achievements. I filled in 7 and left 2 blank for everyone else’s creativity.

I loved this element of the Bucket List and one of my minor disappointments in 2017 was that I only crossed off 4 of the 9. The only way that’s considered a good percentage is if you’re a baseball player or TV meteorologist. 🙂

As I was making the changes for this year, I realized that I was really boxing people in on the available achievements. Of course, video games do the same thing – but I want to be cooler. I want this experience to be fully customizable.

That’s why – in 2018, I left 8 of the 9… BLANK!

But don’t fret! While you are absolutely welcome to come up with your own achievement ideas (And if you do – please let me know on Twitter, Instagram, or shoot me an email at, I didn’t leave you without inspiration.

What’s even better (not just for me, but for you too!) is that I got the chance to collaborate on this list with a member of the Art of Boardgaming community. Many of the achievements that you are about to choose from, or use as inspiration are his creations – so a HUUUUUGE thanks goes out to Stu Hemmings who really brought his A-Game to these contributions!

Alright, enough of the lead-up.

Without further ado, here are 43 Board Game Achievements for your 2018 Board Game Bucket List:

General Gaming Achievements:

Owner – Play all the games I own that are in the BoardGameGeek Top 100
Is It Hot In Here? – Play 5 games that I heard were awesome (BGG Hotness, Spiel Hot List, blogger, etc)
Virtuoso – Complete your bucket list with more new-to-you games than games you have previously played
Renaissance Man – Play the classics (e.g. Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic)
Oldtimer – Increase my lifetime H-Index*
Enthusiast – Have an H-Index that’s higher than my previous years H-Index*
Player – Play a game 10 times
Savior – Play 10 games that didn’t get played in 2017
Shamed – Play the games you are ashamed to say you’ve never tried
Treasurer – Play all my Top 5 Favorite Games
Modder – Play 3 user created variants
Randomizer – Randomly choose a game to play, perhaps using dice & a bucket list
Amiable – Play a game with a stranger at a public event (Tabletop Day, FLGS, etc)
Colorize – Play as 5 different colors or tokens (don’t always play as the same)

*H-Index is a term used to describe a number of games played that same number of times. For example, if you had played 3 different games, 3 times each – your H-Index would be 3. 

Location Based Achievements:

Drifter – Play 7 gaming sessions at my FLGS or at a public event (PAX, GenCon, etc)
Socialite – Host 5 game nights for friends & family
Traveler – Play games in 5 or more cities
Pack Rat – Travel more than 400 miles with at least 4 of your bucket list games in your luggage… You know… just in case.
Mile High Club – Play one of your bucket list games while on an airplane
Seafarer – Play one of your bucket list games while on a boat

Meta Challenge Achievements:

Grid Apprentice – Complete a 5×5 Challenge. (Play 5 games at least 5 times each)
Gridmaster – Complete a 5×5 Challenge. (Play 10 games at least 10 times each)
Overachiever – Complete the bucket list in under 6 months
Historian – Record all my plays (on paper,, or BGStats App)

Game Teaching Achievements:

Noob – Play a bucket list game with a newbie
Matchmaker – Introduce 5 games to people who didn’t realize there were games beyond basic mass market games
Rules Reader – Unwrap a game and learn it from the rules without consulting a video.
Solo Multiplayer – Learn the rules of a bucket list game by setting it up and playing all the players as you work through the rules.

Solo Gaming Achievements:

Introvert – Play at least 5 Solo Games
Hermit – Increase my lifetime solo H-Index*
Recluse – Have a 2018 H-Index higher than my 2017 H-Index*
Xenophobic – Do the 10×10 challenge for solo games
Advocate – Play all the games I own that have a BGG recommendation for 1 player

Holiday Gaming Achievements:

Elf – Give a game as a gift
 – Host a game themed white elephant gift exchange
Spooked – Play a spooky bucket list game (like Mansions of Madness) on Halloween

Game Collection Management Achievements:

Minimalist – Reduce my board game library by 5 games
Auctioneer – Sell 10 games that didn’t get played in 2017 and won’t get played in 2018
Mathematician – Do a math trade
Philanthropist – Give away 3 games in your collection.

Game Purchasing/Playing Achievements:

Backer – Play all the games that I kickstarted that arrive this year
Investor – Purchase 5 or more games on your bucket list
Magnate – Purchase 10 or more games on your bucket list


So that’s all I’ve got for now. But here’s what I want – if you have great ideas to add to this list – hit me up on twitter or shoot me an email at I’d love to add more inspiration to this list!

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  1. I love the way you ran with those ideas. The changes and the adds you made are perfect. And thanx for the shout-out!

    BTW, Years ago someone told me that “Mile High Club” meant something else. Ur definition seems much more doable 🙂


  2. Very cool list. Will have to print it out and see how many I get this year.
    Would love to see the BGStats app add something like this.

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