How to Accomplish Your Board Game Challenge

Whether it’s a Board Game Bucket List, playing through your collection, a 10×10, or some other gaming related challenge, here’s how to make sure you accomplish your Board Game Goals!

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In 2016 I introduced the world to the Board Game Bucket List

Then in late 2017 I realized that… well… my goal, like many new years resolutions, fell astoundingly short.

It wasn’t that I hadn’t kept up with keeping track of everything. I was really good with that actually! I kept track of all my plays, even made a couple of decisions on what games to take to game night based on what was still left on my Bucket list.

But in the end, I had been weighed. I had been measured. And I had been found…wanting.

After licking my wounds, I put into practice what I do every time I lose a 2+ hour strategy game: I try to decipher what I did wrong so that I can be more successful on the rematch. It was simple enough, and I came up with 4 strategies that give you a fighting chance at completing whatever board game goals you embark on in 2018!

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1. Make Your Board Game Goals Achievable

I made a grave mistake when compiling my own personal 2017 Board Game Bucket List:  I listed 14 games that I didn’t even own.

To make matters worse I didn’t even know anyone who owned 7 of those 14.

And to finish off this ridiculous mayhem, I typically only purchase 2-4 games per year.

So I was either being overly optimistic…or dumb. I’ll put my money on the latter.

As I approach 2018, I’m being a bit more conservative as I fill out my Bucket List. While I would totally LOVE a chance to play Vast, First Martians, Fabled Fruit, or Century Spice Road I know that my chances of getting to any of them to the table are slim at best.  Ergo, they are a no-go for the 2018 Bucket List.

Fabled Fruit by Friedemann Friese promises to furnish fairly fantastic fun for a family of up to five. But… It’s not going on the 2018 Bucket List.

If you are challenging yourself to a 5×5 or Sarah Reed’s creation – the 10×10, consider this: if you are lucky to get one 4 hour game played in a year, you proooobably shouldn’t be putting Axis and AlliesThrough The Ages, or Twilight Imperium on your grid… just say’in.

One more thing to note – There are 30+ spaces on the Board Game Bucket List. It is not mandatory that you fill every single one of them up. Base it off of your gaming habits! If you only get one game night in every couple of months, you probably want to keep your list down to just a few, perfectly selected, games.

2. Decide Just How Important Your Board Game Goals Are

It’s totally ok if you’re list is a cool novelty and not something your serious about completing. Totally fine. It’s fine. Really. Fine.

BUT if you want to come to the end of the year and say “LOOK AT ME!!! LOOK WHAT I ACHIEVED!” Then you need to prioritize your list.

In 2017, I had two chances to play one of my bucket list games: Agricola. I turned it down for other non-bucket list options…not just once, but both times.

It would also take me two hands to count the number of times I’ve gone to game nights where I didn’t even pack Suburbia, Crude, Merchants and Marauders, or Alacatraz the Scapegoat, even though they were all sitting unchecked on my bucket list.

Suburbia was one of the awesome games on my 2017 bucket list…that I never got around to.

But it’s fine. Just fine. (Ok…for me it’s not fine. Because I TOTALLY wanted to brag about my completed list on Twitter.)

So as you embark on your new board game challenge of choice, ask yourself – “How important is it to me that I walk away at the end of the year with a completed list?”

3. Make Your Board Game Goals for You, Not Someone Else

Of course, there are many gaming friends and couples who may do a board gaming challenge together. I think that’s awesome and I want to assure you that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Instead, I’m referring to the gamer who looks at all the games their friends enjoy, and adds some of those games to their bucket list to flesh it out a bit more.

In other words, I’m talking about…me.

Who doesn’t have an affection for dice combat games all that much? Me.

Who has a brother who does? Me.

Who put Axis and Allies on his list thinking that it would somehow motivate him to play a long dice combat game? Also me.

While it seems like a good idea at the time, if you’re putting games that other people want to play on a list that is about the games that you want to play…you’re setting yourself up for a pretty epic failure.

4. Make Sure Your Board Game Goals Are Fun

I’ve heard people say they are going to play every game in their collection in a year and any game that they don’t play will be given away or sold. While I respect that line of thinking, that would probably stress me out as my collection is “relatively” small at roughly 60 games. Because in 2017, I only played 51 unique titles, AND 27 of those 51 were games not in my collection! 

If I was going with that strategy… I’d be selling off 36 games in a couple weeks. While personally I don’t want to be a guy with 200+ board games, selling off half my game closet just ain’t happening…at least not now.

However, for some people this may add an element of excitement or thrill to their challenge. If that’s you – Awesome.

Just make sure you pick the challenge that puts a little bit more fun and excitement into your gaming. If it stresses you out, drop it like it’s hot.

That’s All Folks

I REALLY hope you have a great time with whatever board game challenge you choose. It’s been really exciting already to see posts come rolling in on Twitter and Instagram of various challenges people are taking on. If you haven’t decided to try one, maybe you should give it a shot. I’ve even got some free printables! Just throw your email in the box below and I’ll send them on over.

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