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9 Unique Gifts for Gamers (That Aren’t Games)

YIKES! Christmas is right around the corner – and you’re looking for Gifts for Gamers that are meaningful, unique, and perfect.

It can be tough to find the perfect gifts for gamers when you don't know what games they have or don't have. This is the perfect list of unique gift ideas for gamers... that aren't games.

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The struggle is real. You have that gamer friend or family member who is just so hard to find a present for. It could be because they already have 500 board games and you don’t know what’s in their collection, or because you are the person who just loves being that “out of the box” gifter that everyone just oo’s and ah’s over their choices every year.

Well… don’t worry because I’ve got you covered this year. And even next year if you remember to come back! And the year after. Well, you get the drift. Let me stop wasting your time and let’s get those creative gift ideas flowing!

1. Settlers of Catan Socks

I don’t know about you… but Christmas isn’t Christmas at my families house without at least one person getting a pair of socks. There’s nothing wrong with that… but why not make them AWESOME SOCKS!

Settlers of Catan Socks - Gifts for Gamers2. Gamer T-Shirts

While were on the topic of apparel – Geeky T-shirts are all the rage! If your loved one wears their hobby on their sleeve…. or with sleeves, then a T-Shirts are a sure fire win!

Pssst – I actually designed these two options!

No… Not Like Monopoly

Not Like Monopoly T-Shirt - Gifts for Gamers

I’m Not Feeling Well – Pandemic Inspired T-Shirt
I'm Not Feeling Well - Pandemic Shirt - Gifts for Gamers

3. A Punny Coffee Mug

Is your gamer often bleary eyed from late night gaming sessions? Put a smile on his or her face even BEFORE they get their morning caffeine fix with this sweet mug(For the record though… I still wouldn’t try talking to them until AFTER they drink their coffee).

If You Like it Then You Should Have Put a Meeple On It - Mug - Gifts for Gamers

4. Board Game Carrying Case

Alright – let’s file this one under practical gifts… but practical gifts that ROCK! Currently I have a giant suitcase that I haul my games around in when I go from place to place. Part of this is because I am really bad at the whole “Bring a couple games with you” thing. The other part is because I don’t have an amazing case like this one. (It even has straps so that you can carry it like a backpack! A big… very square backpack.)

The Game Haul Padded Game Carrying Case - Gifts for Gamers

5. A Giant Bag of Dice

This one almost pains me…. because… well… It’s dice. (If you’re not aware, dice and I don’t have the best history). But thankfully, not every gamer is like me! This means that there is a high probability that your gamer friend LOVES dice! There are lots of options out there but if you’re looking for quick, cool, and huge variety, this bag ought to do it!

Giant bag of Lucky Dice - Gifts for Gamers

6. Sweet Dice Tray

Do dice hit the floor at your game nights? Or maybe when you’ve cleaned you’ve found random dice in between the couch cushions. Even if you haven’t experienced either of those phenomenon – a dice tray is something that all gamers should have as part of their collection! Look around – they come in all shapes and sizes

Dice Tray - Gifts for Gamers

7. An Epic Board Game Calendar

This work of art is on my Christmas list!! Every year the talented Scott King puts out an absolutely beautiful gaming calendar. I’ve never seen anything but rave reviews of it, and from the previews he provides I would expect nothing less!

8. Sleek Meeple Cufflinks

These silver painted meeple cufflinks are just perfect for the well dressed gamer. They’ll be that perfect conversation starter at their next awkward black tie event.

Meeple Cufflinks - Gifts for Gamers

9. Subtle Game Themed Wall Art

Ok… I admit, this one is a little out there. But for those who have shared space and can’t make it scream “I LOVE GAMES” subtle art can be the way to go! It can create conversation but it can also bring a smile to anyone who catches the meaning without needing an explanation. This vintage Carcassonne map wall art does exactly that!

Carcassonne Wall Art - Gifts for Gamers
So as the holidays approach, don’t be afraid to think outside of the game box. (Unless you are shopping for me and were planning on sending me a copy of Trickerion… then by all means… stay inside the game box 😉 )

Gamers aren’t a hard bunch to shop for. You just need to know where to look.


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