9 Impressive Board Game Instagramers You Should Follow

I pretty much am only on Instagram for the board games. These 9 Board Game Instagram Accounts are my absolute favorites… and soon they’ll be yours too.

I pretty much am only on Instagram for the board games. These 9 Board Game Instagram Accounts are my absolute favorites... and soon they'll be yours too.

Disclaimer: All photos posted here with permission from the various artists. Art of Boardgaming is against using other’s photos without consent.

One of the things that drew me into board gaming is the beauty of the hobby. I love the imagination I see in the art. The “elegance” in the mechanics. The creativity of the graphic design. There is so much to be enjoyed just by looking at a pretty game.

That’s one of the reasons I started the Art of Boardgaming Instagram account. I enjoyed setting up and taking pictures, and I enjoyed sharing them with the world as a way to get others intrigued about my hobby.

Vikings on Board | @ArtofBoardgaming
Tiny Epic Galaxies | @ArtofBoardgaming
Mars 4:45 | @ArtofBoardgaming






It’s been an absolute blast putting these pictures together! And I’m not going to be stopping any time soon.

But in case you’ve been following me and wondering to yourself

“Are there any other good board game Instagram accounts out there?”

The answer is a resounding YES!

And there are a whole lot more than 9… but I didn’t want this post to go on forever. Some of the accounts below were my inspiration to start my Instagram account, others have been newer finds for me. But all of them are AWESOME.

So, without further adieu, here are 9 Impressive Board Game Instagramers that I look forward to seeing every single picture that they post to Instagram!

My 9 Favorite Board Game Instagram Accounts

1. Playtogrophy

Really… This account doesn’t need introduction. At the time of this writing this account has more than 8,000 followers but what’s more than that, each of his photos gets 300+ likes. These followers have not been bought, they’ve been earned through consistent, STELLAR, photos.

What I really like about Playtogrophy is the attention to detail and background. Photos of simple components are turned into stunning works of art.

This photo of an Islebound component, posted on the Playtography Instagram page, is just one example of the excellent work you will see by subscribing to the Playtography Instagram account!

2. The BoardGeek

I found The BoardGeek last year when he was running his annual #MyTop9BoardGames campaign. It was obvious to see his love of the hobby, and even more his love of the board game community on Instagram.

When he’s not running fun campaigns, he’s posting great, artistic photos of board games, components, and more.

Oh… and he’s almost up to 30,000 followers… so… if you’re not following him – your not part of the “in” crowd. 😉

You could take a photo of just a box. Or, you could make it look awesome by using the components as part of an epic backdrop. The photo, by The BoardGeek encapsulates the creative artistry that he shows off on his channel daily!

3. The Beard Gamer

While I’m covering Instagramers with Beards in their profile pics, let me tell you about The Beard Gamer.

With 500 photos this Belgian is no Instaming slouch. His creative eye has me hitting the like button every time I see one of his posts… which apparently isn’t as often as it should be since he gives a shout-out to those who like all his posts each month… and I haven’t yet been on that list. 🙁

The Beard Gamer took this shot of the Grand Austria Hotel and threw in some Beauty and the Beast in the description. Clean. Crisp. & Awesome.

4. Punkin312

“Boardgamer Steph” is one of the best! I don’t remember how I first came across her account, but I’ve never regretted hitting that subscribe button. From camel-eeples with googly eyes, to making prototypes look great, and not to mention the dozens of frame-worthy component shots.

Scrolling through Pinkin312‘s feed is an absolute pleasure that will bring a smile to your face, add some games to your “gotta try” list, and inspire you to take amazing board game pictures like she does.

Punkin312 has a plethora of variety on her page. Some of my favorites are the geometric perspective layouts (like this one) that she sprinkles through her feed!

5. Vinnycent217

Vinnycent is an account that I came across quite literally while I was working on this post. As I perused various board gaming hashtags I came across this Ice Cool picture and thought that it was probably attached to one of the previously mentioned accounts. When I saw that it wasn’t I checked out his channel.

Then I subscribed.

Great photos of great games.

This picture of Ice Cool by Vinnycent217 is the picture that brought me over to his feed. It was his feed that made me subscribe.

6. JaySirignano

I’ve been following Jason for a looong time now. And as much as I wanted to put his Easter Photo up as the example, it just wouldn’t do his channel the justice it so deserves.

Personally, I think JaySirignano is flying under the radar of a lot of people and I’m not exactly sure why, other than ya’ll just haven’t found him yet. So, let me tell you, I’m ahead of the curve on this guy – go check out his pictures, (Like the gorgeous one from Love Letter below), then follow his channel!

If I didn’t already own a copy of Love Letter, this photo by JaySirignano would have me going to amazon right now. Such a great shot.

7. Arteficcionregalos

This is another channel that I came across in the past couple of weeks. Like all the other accounts that I’ve featured this account is almost exclusively board game content… but you will also occasionally find a rainbow, or a chicken.

But, no surprise here, I don’t come for the rain art or poultry. I’m following the account for the beautiful game photos. I would comment on the witty-ness of the captions… but sadly I’m a boring mono-lingual, so I can only assume that this account isn’t full of written vulgarities. I took a couple years of French in High-school… but it’s not helping me out at all with Spanish on Arteficcionregalos. 🙂

I love this simple layout of acrylic pieces by Arteficcionregalos.

8. Oniro.Games

Oniro.Games plays with light, layouts, angles and shadows. What more could you want in a board game Instagram account?

Variety? You want variety?

Well Oniro.Games has that in spades!

How could I not include a post of those wonderful Dixit Bunnies. (Not sure what I’m getting at? Check out my about page). Oniro just keeps putting out great Insta-content!

9. The_Review_Board

Another account I can get lost in is The_Review_Board. I really enjoy the styling of so many of the photos on this account. From the sepia tones to shallow depth of field to simple and unique layouts. Each photo is pleasing to the eye.

I really enjoyed the series on Adrenaline from late May into June. Great creativity to showcase a fun game!

Check out the awesome shallow depth of field on this shot!! Makes me want some awesome brass dice is what that picture does for me!


Is it really a list if it doesn’t go to 10? Well, today it’s not – so let’s take it all the way to 10!

LilloJEUX is another one of those accounts that this boring mono-lingual guy isn’t going to understand much of. But you know what I do understand? Pictures that make me hit the like button. LilloJEUX is one of those accounts.

I’ll just leave this picture right here:

Such a view…. and the stuff beyond the box of meeples and dice isn’t bad either!

How About You? What are some of Your Favorite Board Game Instagram Accounts?

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