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AoB Boardgame Review: Pandemic

Is this world saving, disease fighting, epidemic fearing, game worth the all hype? Art of Boardgaming has the answer for you in this Pandemic review.

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AoB Description:

In Pandemic, you and your fellow medical professionals have just been alerted that not 1, not 2, but 4 deadly diseases are spreading across the globe.

As a medic, operations expert, dispatcher, scientist, and researcher, (not to mention the contingency planner and quarantine specialist that come with the 2013 edition), it falls to you to save humanity from utter destruction by traveling to the infected countries, treating the sick populations, and ultimately discovering cures so that mankind can be saved. There isn’t any time to lose! With epidemics and outbreaks occurring at when you least expect them, time is limited and it won’t be long before 1 or all of the diseases are completely beyond control.

It will take, communication, cooperation, and coordination to complete your mission. If anyone among you tries to do it alone you are almost guaranteed defeat.  Lose, and all mankind loses. Win… and all will live another to see another sunrise.

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Game Specs:

Price Range: $25+ (You can buy it HERE)

Players: 2-4 (I enjoy it best with 3 or 4 – but 2 player games are fun as well)

Style: Cooperative board game with a side of cards mixed in.

Estimated Gametime: 45 Minutes. (This is if all players understand the rules and have played the game before. If you have 45 minutes before someone has to leave… I wouldn’t get this game out. Maybe pull out Kingdom Builder instead).

Expansions: On the BrinkIn the Lab | State of Emergency | Reign of Cthulhu (August 2016)

Spin Offs: The Cure | Contagion | Legacy: Season 1
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AoB Ratings:

Geek Level: Beginner (Other beginner games include: Ticket to Ride, Kingdom Builder, and Carcassonne)

Fun Factor: I love this game. I can’t say that I have ever had a bad play. That’s not to say I have not lost… but every victory has the table excited through the drama of winning and every loss has me looking at my watch to see if we have time to play it again.

Teachability: With only a couple awkward rules, this game can be quickly learned by the gaming newbie. The fact that it is cooperative aids in shortening the learning curve. Just 1 or 2 rounds of gameplay will quickly bring the geek-in-training up to speed.

Replayability: Endless – You can make this game as hard or as easy as you like simply by adjusting the number of “Epidemic” cards in the play deck. If you want added challenges, you can buy one of it’s expansion packs!

Theme: One of the most well-done themes on the market. Everything ties together very well from artwork to gameplay options. Also, if you want to host a themed game night… this game is a good choice!

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What Friends of AoB Think:

Pandemic is an addicting and frustratingly fun game that follows the principle “if something can go wrong it will.”  And yet my friends and I continue to be drawn into the drama that goes with attempting to eradicate the diseases that are spreading across the board. -Daniel C.
Pandemic is a challenging game to play because provides a good mix of strategy and “the luck of the draw.” Added to this is the fact that the players must work together against the board. I have found that the advanced setup of the game that is very difficult to win. -Judy C.

Pandemic Epedimic

Official AoB Pandemic Review:

If you haven’t tried out this cooperative eurogame already I highly recommend this game. It’s one of my favorites and ends up on the table multiple times every year. You can easily purchase a copy for yourself HERE.

If you already love this game, I highly recommend Shadows Over Camelot. This game is more involved than Pandemic, but is also collaborative and has the potential to build even more drama.

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Just One More Thing:

If you liked this Pandemic review you may also enjoy this video spoof of Hitler losing a game of Pandemic. (FYI – Someone in this video is called another term for a donkey. If that will bother – don’t click play.)

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